Our goal at Gary Flowers Guitars is to make your instrument a truly personal and prized possession, reflecting our dedication to creating a guitar as unique as the player who owns it.

Gary Flowers Guitars are the result of luthier, Gary Flowers’ dedication to producing jazz and flattop guitars of the highest quality available, achieving a level of craftsmanship that is among the finest in the industry. Gary’s long experience as a player is evident in the great feel of his guitars. The fretwork and set-ups are truly exceptional, and our necks feature a non-compression type, adjustable truss rod, and a reinforced neck extension (at body). Using only hand-selected, aged, European Spruce and Maple for the bodies and Eastern Hard Maple for the necks, Flowers Guitars are hand carved to achieve an amazingly balanced and powerfully voiced instrument – even in his smaller bodied guitars.

Gary Flowers Guitars are custom ordered with clients providing their own specific needs in addition to choosing from a wide list of options.

Comprehensive restoration and repair services are also available, including fret jobs, neck resets, broken head stocks, complete spray finishing, and refinishing of older instruments.

Please feel free to contact Gary about creating a special and unique instrument just for you!